[racket] racket and libcURL

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Wed Mar 21 12:37:02 EDT 2012

On Mar 16, 2012, at 7:59 AM, Yvan Godin wrote:

> I am looking for a libcURL / Racket binding. 
> Does somebody  already do that  please ?  
>     thank's
> Yvan

I don't see a PLaneT package for libcurl. It looks like a tidy little project, and I'm *really* tempted to take a crack at it, but my wife would kill me :).

Someone familiar with the FFI interface could hack together a single-use set of bindings in (less than?) an hour. Covering the "easy" interface, or some approximation thereof, would probably be three or four hours. Doing the whole thing would probably be about 15. Maintaining the package once written would take probably about an hour a month.


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