[racket] Getting started with Scribble

From: Mark Engelberg (mark.engelberg at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Mar 17 03:52:21 EDT 2012

I'm still curious to get scribble/lp working, but I've figured out an
immediate solution to my question.  I was able to get the behavior I want
with just a simple macro:
@(define-syntax-rule (code l)

Below is a sample of its use to get the behavior I want where you can hit
run and have your code execute, or hit the scribble-html button to have it
scribbled.  If others like this idea as much as I, maybe this macro would
be something worth including in scribble/manual?

One thing I still haven't figured out is how to get a comment (introduced
with a semicolon) that is in the code block to show up in the scribbled
output.  (In the example below, the comment ";; the zero test" doesn't show
up in the scribble output).

------- Example -----

#lang scribble/manual
@(define-syntax-rule (code l)

@title{This is the title of my document}

Welcome to my test of the scribble system.  Above, I gave the document a
title.  Here is some introductory text.


I'm going to define the factorial function.

(define (factorial n)
     [(zero? n) 1]          ;; The zero test
     [else (* n (factorial (sub1 n)))]))


To turn this file into pretty HTML, just push the Scribble HTML button in
the upper-right corner.
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