[racket] accessing serial communications on Racket/Windows?...

From: Rüdiger Asche (rac at ruediger-asche.de)
Date: Tue Mar 13 12:00:12 EDT 2012


Section 12.1.5 of the docs suggests that it should be possible to use  
file ports for accessing serial communications, such as

(define-values (inport outport) (open-input-output-file "com1"))

That works, but

> inport


and likewise

> outport


which means in theory and practice that Racket creates a file called  
com1 in that directory to which the I/O is performed instead of using  
the serial port. I tried uppercase and lowercase as well as /./COM1,  
all with the same results (except that sometimes the port was created  
in the root). So how does the file name have to be specified to  
redirect the I/O to a serial port?

On a related note, is it possible to access/set the comm parameters  
(baud rate, handshaking and so on) of a specified port using Racket?

Thanks again.

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