[racket] Any way to get "true" quasiquote behavior in match form?

From: rob cook (heycarnut at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Mar 10 20:46:39 EST 2012

Still pondering this, seems it is not possible w/o macro or eval.

Using eval as follows:

(eval `(match ',(car z) (,@(cdr words) #t) (_ #f)))

gets me what I need, but the overhead (and ugliness) of using eval is
killing me.

In this example, obviously the result of (car z) is what I'm attempting to
match, and
the result of (cdr words) is the actual arbitrary match construct that
results in #t if a match
is found (I use the whole thing inside a filter, hence only #t/f is needed).

I am coming up blank trying to macro this - so that I could just say

(mymatch (car z) (cdr words))

Any pointers will be *most* appreciated!

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