[racket] Recovering the documentation index?

From: Simon Haines (simon.haines at con-amalgamate.net)
Date: Mon Mar 5 23:23:52 EST 2012

Mostly when I install something from planet, the documentation somehow gets
screwed up. For example, after I installed untyped/dispatch, I now have the
following entries in my ~/.racket/5.2.1/doc/index.html page:

 (part ("(planet dispatch.scrbl (untyped dispatch.rkt 2 1) scribblings)"
 (part ("(planet javascript.scrbl (dherman javascript.plt 9 2) scribblings)"
 (part ("(planet unlib.scrbl (untyped unlib.plt 3 24) scribblings)" "top"))
 (part ("(planet manual.scrbl (cce scheme.plt 6 3) reference)" "top"))
 (part ("(planet parameter.scrbl (dherman parameter.plt 1 3))" "top"))
 (part ("(planet mirrors.scrbl (untyped mirrors.plt 2 4) scribblings)"

Is there any way to cleanly scrub these entries from the index. I'd prefer
to have the scribble properly rendered and integrated, but otherwise have
these entries removed.

Many thanks,
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