[racket] students running web servers: racket-attach?

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Sun Mar 4 01:20:33 EST 2012

I have a bunch of students planning to run racket web-servers on a single machine. I just ran a few tests (on my mac, not on the target machine), and it looks like separate web-server instances chew up about 72M apiece, but that running 10 web-servers simultaneously on one process is only about 72M total. I have about 25 teams, so if they're all running a racket web server, that's going to wreck my poor 1G VPS.

It seems like the right solution here is to run them all on one runtime.  Moreover, with sandboxes, it seems that this should be eminently possible.  I'd like to preserve their control over their own processes, though, so I thought I might provide a wrapper binary that passes a racket file over to a single central runtime to run in a sandbox, and that routes stdin/stout/stderr -- or something like it --- back to the user process.

Has someone already done something like this?


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