[racket] gdbdump

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Jun 25 22:31:45 EDT 2012

FYI, I've released a new little package, "gdbdump", which might come in 
handy if you have Racket programs on production servers that programmers 
can't access.  It basically uses GDB to dump native code backtraces from 
the current Racket process to a file, which the system operator or 
customer can then give to the programmer for debugging.


(This is actually to be part of a server process management console 
package that uses "charterm", but McFly lowers the effort level to 
packaging up small reusable components for PLaneT.  I decided I'd much 
rather say someday, "There's a PLaneT package you can use," than "Check 
my Git repository for some incomplete code you'll have to untangle," or 
my old standby, "I have a great package I mostly wrote a few years ago, 
to do that and other things, but it's not ready for release yet, but 
someday it'll rock your world, baby.")

Neil V.

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