[racket] for*/list and Typed Racket

From: Adolfo Pérez Álvarez (adolfo.pa at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jun 25 15:32:48 EDT 2012

Thanks a lot for your answer, Sam. It seems I completely missed the
for/xxx: forms while looking up the documentation.

> One, as the error message said, Typed Racket needed more help in the
> form of annotations to check your program. Two, you were using
> `for*/list` as if it was `for*/fold`.  Unfortunately, the

Sorry to inform you that your version doesn't work as expected ;-) I
use for*/list to generate 'n' new partial solutions for each one of
the  's'  generated by the outer for/fold for each color (it's is a
quick and dirty solution to the map coloring problem). So the inner
for/fold: doesn't do the trick :-).

Anyway, I got the type annotations completely wrong ... by mistake I
defined a set of solutions as a (Listof (Pair Region Color)) instead
of a (Listof (Listof (Pair Region Color))). Also, I should have called
"empty-solution" "empty-solutions" or "empty-solution-set" instead.

Now I've tried to use for*/list:, annotating the bindings (correctly I
hope), but still doesn't work. It fails (again) with the same error

Type Checker: Error in macro expansion -- insufficient type
information to typecheck. please add more type annotations in:
(for*/list: ((s : (Listof (Pair Region Color)) solutions) (c : (Listof
Color) colors) #:when (not (findf (λ: ((rc : (Pair Region Color)))
(and (memv (car rc) neighbours) (eqv? (cdr rc) c))) s))) (cons (cons
region c) s))

To make things a little clearer I've added a new type "Solution"; now
the code looks like this:

#lang typed/racket

(define-type Region Number)
(define-type Color Number)
(define-type Solution (Listof (Pair Region Color)))

(: empty-solution : (Listof Solution))
(define empty-solution '(()))

(define-type Map (Listof (Pair Region (List Region))))

(: colorize : Map (Listof Color) -> (Listof Solution))
(define (colorize map colors)
  (for/fold: ([solutions : (Listof Solution) empty-solution]) ([entry
: Map map])
    (match-let ([(cons region neighbours) entry])
      (for*/list: ([s : Solution solutions]
                   [c : (Listof Color) colors]
                   #:when (not (findf (λ: ([rc : (Pair Region Color)])
                                        (and (memv (car rc) neighbours)
                                             (eqv? (cdr rc) c)))
                                      s)) )
        (cons (cons region c) s)))))

And again, thanks a lot for your answer.

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