[racket] "Which topic categories would you like to subscribe to?"...

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Jun 23 02:35:24 EDT 2012

Three hours ago, Don Green wrote:
> How do I select "topic categories"?  Where do I define "topic
> categories"?
> Under Racket list serve settings I see the following setting:
> "Which topic categories would you like to subscribe to?" |No Topics
> Defined|

Sub-topics is a mailman feature that we're not using.

> All of these questions above relate to my item (a) below.

Even if we'd use that feature, it is unrelated to the kind of
filtering that you're asking about.

> I like to receive emails from the Racket list serve that are in
> response to my questions, not the questions of others, therefore, I
> believe I need to do one of the following:
> Filter emails that I receive from the Racket list serve by either:
> (a) Filtering on the racket list serve, OR

This is impossible.

> (b) Filter emails with my email reader (Gmail).

This is something that is doable between you and your mail client.  In
the case of gmail, you can do something like filter on

    list:users.racket-lang.org to:me

and get all the messages on the users list that are replies to you.
More specifically, you'd want to create a filer like

    list:users.racket-lang.org -to:me

which matches emails to the list but not to you, and make these
messages automatically archived or deleted or whatever.  (See the
"Filters" setting in gmail.)

But note that this relies on the messages that other people compose,
for example, I could reply to this email and send this reply *only* to
the list, and in that case the above filter would fire up and not show
it to you.

In fact, there's little point in such a filter, since it gives you the
equivalence of turning on the no-mail option.  This reply that I'm
writing wouldn't get to you from the list server with this option, but
it would get to you because I address this email to you directly (in
addition to the list).

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