[racket] drag-and-drop in a Windows-Explorer-like GUI

From: Assertion Violation (shambles-racket at hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jun 18 18:17:03 EDT 2012

I've been trying to figure out how you would write something with a GUI like Windows Explorer.

It looks like it's possible to drag-and-drop  in a icon-view (though you would have to write the icon-view widget), but there would be no way to drop onto directories in the tree-view (hierarchal-list%), both because hierarchal-list% has no support for that, and if you reimplemented a tree-view and made it a separate pasteboard%, so you could have scrollbars, you couldn't drag items from the icon-view to the tree-view.

There also appears to be no way to associate icons with a hierarchal-list%, or to have multiple roots (or hide the true root).

This kind of UI is useful for more than managing files.  For example, it can be handy for running tasks (e.g. via the COM support) on groups of computers, or managing information (e.g. the drivers to install) about groups of computers that can be used by other software (e.g. reimaging software).

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