[racket] Can I post answers to questions on users at racket-lang.org?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jun 18 12:36:12 EDT 2012

Just now, Don Green wrote:
> Hi,
> Can I post answers to questions on users at racket-lang.org ?

The mailing list is open, you can post whatever you want.

> If so, I am looking for some direction.
> Is the entry point by email sent to users at racket-lang.org ?


> If that is the case, how do I indicate the thread for it to appear
> under?

It's a mailing list -- you either send new emails, or reply to
existing ones.  If you want a more forum-like interface, you can use
the gmane mirror.  There are some other alternatives that are listed
on the community page: http://racket-lang.org/community.html

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