[racket] Can't open archived .gz file

From: Don Green (infodeveloperdon at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jun 17 12:28:47 EDT 2012

Any ideas what the problem might be opening a .gz file on linux?
Gunzip goes through the motions and overwrites the 2012-June.txt.gz file,
creating file: 2012-June.txt.  When a text editor attempts to open this
file, the file appears to have codes that prevent it from being
interpretted correctly.

I am able to successfully create a new text file, compress it with gzip to
create a .gz file, then gunzip it to decompress it, and open it with a text

Something is different between the text files I create and the archived
Racket text files.  I suspected that the problem might be that the Racket
text files had end of line characters appropriate for Windows, not Linux,
however I tried opening the file with OpenOffice.org Word Processor, with
different each of the end of line options in turn.  Each time the file
appears to have some non-ascii characters.
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