[racket] Racket Social/Support Groups in London

From: Paulo J. Matos (paulo at matos-sorge.com)
Date: Thu Jun 14 09:52:57 EDT 2012

On 13/06/12 17:26, Tim Brown wrote:
> Paulo J. Matos wrote:
>> On 11/06/12 10:06, Tim Brown wrote:
>>> Folks,
>>> Are there any racket (or scheme) social groups in London,
>>> Surrey or the South East of England?
>> Is Cambridge good enough? :)
> It's pushing it... but what have you to offer?

Myself... :) Sorry if I wasn't clear (I know I wasn't). What I actually 
meant to say is that I am also interested in a Racket social group and I 
am located in Cambridge.


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