[racket] Chipmunk FFI bindings on Github! (v0.1)

From: Vince Kuyatt (vince.raiken at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 7 01:22:18 EDT 2012

I just wanted to let anyone know that is interested, the new FFI bindings
that I have been looking into for Chipmunk are now on Github. It is far
from finished, but there is at least an initial commit in the repository.
Currently it provides the API bindings that allow the simple
"hello_chipmunk.c" to run when translated into Racket. (which is also
provided) Other than that, there are a few bindings here and there that I
put in place. You can run the cpExample-hello_chipmunk.rkt to see the demo.

As a warning, due to the un-LISP-like nature of the bindings, there are
functions that will destructively update things without having a ! at the
end of the name. I am currently directly translating all Chipmunk functions
into bindings. Once that initial pass is complete, then I will attempt to
begin to LISP-ize the bindings. If you have any requests, or want to Fork
the repo to add those, I would appreciate it. I'm nowhere near as familiar
with how to properly make something LISP-like as the good folks here on the
Racket mailing list, so tips or adding that is very much appreciated.
As a request though, if anybody does decide to LISP-ize any of the bindings
I have finished, I would like to request that you do so in a separate file.
Optimally, I would like to provide both the direct C bindings and the
LISP-like bindings in separate files that can be required into a program.

Anyway, I hope you like what I've gotten put together so far. Hopefully I
can get this finished up nicely and it will be useful to everyone here.
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