[racket] TypedRacket Exec Structures

From: Ray Racine (ray.racine at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Jun 2 19:27:51 EDT 2012

I'd like to create a Lens structure which is a procedure structure.  The
structures exec procedure would be a case-lambda parameterized by A, B.

(define-struct/exec:  (A B) Lens ([getter : (A -> B)][setter : (B A -> A)])
[fn : (case-> (A -> B) (B A -> A))])

where fn would be the getter and setter detemined by arity at the call site.

Looks like currently a define-struct/exec: cannot be parameterized.  Is
this something that might be available down the road?

The goal is to say

(int-lens 3 (int-lens 2))

as opposed to say

(set int-lens 3 (get int-lens 2))

;; Below is current effort.  Want to do a define-struct/exec

(struct: (A B) Lens ([getter : (A -> B)]
                     [setter : (B A -> A)]))

(: get (All (A B) (Lens A B) A -> B))
(define (get lens a)
  ((Lens-getter lens) a))

(: set (All (A B) (Lens A B) B A -> A))
(define (set lens b a)
  ((Lens-setter lens) b a))

(: mod (All (A B) (Lens A B) (B -> B) A -> A))
(define (mod lens f a)
  (set lens (f (get lens a)) a))

(: and-then (All (A B C) (Lens A B) (Lens B C) -> (Lens A C)))
(define (and-then lens-ab lens-bc)
  (Lens (λ: ((a : A))
          ((Lens-getter lens-bc) ((Lens-getter lens-ab) a)))
        (λ: ((c : C) (a : A))
          (mod lens-ab (λ: ((b : B)) ((Lens-setter lens-bc) c b)) a))))

(: compose (All (A B C) (Lens B C) (Lens A B) -> (Lens A C)))
(define (compose lens-ab lens-ca)
  (and-then lens-ca lens-ab))
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