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Date: Fri Jul 13 09:02:16 EDT 2012

jobs of converting lots of code: what I do in these cases is first
create a file that holds all of the files that you need to convert.
Then I use Emacs with lots of (regexp) searching and keyboard macros.
For example, instead of a keybinding, I just record one key that looks
for "(let ((" then another key that fixes the paren shapes.

Having it all in a single file makes it easy to do this in a
semi-automated way: it's obviously not a proper solution, but if the
process is easy enough to the point of a quick glance and a keypress,
then the overall effort is much smaller than writing a proper code
refactoring tool which is at risk of being a single-use thing anyway.

After that's done, I extract the files.  (I have a small script that
creates a text file from a bunch of given files, runs a command on
that file, and then extracts the modified files back to where they
were.  It makes it easy to do global edits like spell checking, tabs,

(Oh, and I should of course say that this depends on having a very
convenient way to deal with keyboard macros, something that Emacs in
its default configuration doesn't have.)

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