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requests to responses. If you use serve/servlet, there's no reason that the
'start' function you give it can't dispatch to many things that you think
of as independent servlets:

(define-values (top-dispatch top-url)
  [("cats" (string-arg) ...] goto-cat-servlet]
  [("dogs" (string-arg) ...] goto-dog-servlet]))

(define (goto-cat-servlet req args)
 (cat-servlet req))


Additionally, if you use the command line tool, 'plt-web-server', then
servlets will be read, cgi-bin-style, from a directory you name in a
configuration file. This same functionality is available with the
'servlets-root' argument to serve/servlet.


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> hi all,
> i read several examples showing how to deploy a servlet in a racket web
> server, but none mentions how to run multiple ones at a time. so, racket'=
> web application model appeals single-servlet services?
> ``
> (serve/servlet start #:listen-ip #f #:port 8080)
> ''
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