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Date: Fri Jul 13 09:02:16 EDT 2012

(Tomas Petricek, University of Cambridge)

September 13 / 14:
Introductory Haskell / Concurrent Haskell
(Jeremy Gibbons, University of Oxford; Simon Marlow, Microsoft Research)

Advanced Tutorials

Thursday, September 13:
Real-World OCaml
(Anil Madhavapeddy, University of Cambridge; Yaron Minsky, Jane Street)

Erlang web frameworks
(Steve Vinoski, Basho Technologies)

Friday, September 14:
Haskell for the lazy web developer: an Introduction to Happstack
(Jeremy Shaw, SeeReason, LLC)

Hands on Real-World Clojure
(Lau Jensen, Best In Class; Karl Krukow, University of Aarhus)


Adopting Functional Programming (Kresten Krab Thorup, Trifork) 

Jane Street Status Report (Yaron Minsky, Jane Street)

Transmitting customised ads to set-top boxes with Erlang (Laura M. Castro, University of A Coruña)

Functional Big-Data Genomics (Ashish Agarwal, NYU)

Using F# to Prove Stabilization of Biological Networks (Semin Ishtiaq, Microsoft)

Developing an F# Bioinformatics Application with HTML5 Visualization (Adam Granicz, IntelliFactory)

Functional Programming @ Ghent IT Valley (Romain Slootmaekers, Nicolas Trangez, Ghent IT Valley)

The Awesome Haskell FPGA Compiler (Peter Braam, Parallel Scientific)

Functional programs connected to the power grid (Sebastian Egner, Entelios)

Clojure iPad analytics dashboard in energy sector (Kevin Lynagh, Keming Labs)

Developing Medical Software in Scala and Haskell (Stefan Wehr, factis research)

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