[racket] request for browser test for WeScheme

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hashcollision.org)
Date: Wed Jul 11 10:51:29 EDT 2012

I'm making a substantial low-level change to how the WeScheme REPL
will communicate with clients.  This change should be invisible to the
regular user, but since it affects every interaction, I'd like to make
sure the mechanism works under a variety of browsers.

If you have time, please visit:


and press the "Good" and "Bad" buttons.  You should see two different
alerts come up.

1.  On the "Good" button, you should see a large structure that looks like:


2.  On the "Bad" button, you should see a different structure alert on screen:

{"code":-32099,"message":"{\"dom-message\": [\"span\", [[\"class\",
\"Error\"]], [\"span\", [[\"class\", \"Error-GenericReadError\"]],
[\"span\", [[\"class\", \"Error.reason\"]], ...

As long as the alerts show up with that content, the communication
channel is well.

I've tested against Firefox 3.6, Chrome 17, and Safari on the iPhone,
with consistent results.  If you have time to run this on other
browsers, please send me a note about what browser and version you're
using, and whether or not the Good and Bad buttons are responding as
anticipated.  Thanks!

Posted on the users mailing list.