[racket] Using MzCOM

From: heraklea at gmx.de (heraklea at gmx.de)
Date: Fri Jul 6 04:51:33 EDT 2012

Hello friends,

My name is Murat and I am from Germany.
I am pretty new to racket and scheme. I play arround with the
MzCOM modul in a c++ Application and have some questions.

1. What is the status for this Modul(usable for serious use?)
2. I use this modul in conjunction with a self written REPL (gui app in qt4/c++) for eval expressions.
   IS this the best direction or fastest eval method on racket.
3. In MzCOM I have no error output. As far as I can imagine, when an eval goes correct
 I get an #<void>, but when it comes to error there is nothing.
4. I would like to use this modul for config purposes in c++ app. Does anybody have done/try this before
or use it for extraction some c++ functions to scheme procedures.
5. Does MzCOM read/provide an file like .emacs in Emacs.

For know thats all, but I think the more I use the more I have questions;o)

Thanx in Advance Murat

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