[racket] What math do you want to do in Racket?

From: Richard Wossal (richard at r-wos.org)
Date: Sun Jul 1 11:44:04 EDT 2012

On 01.07.2012 02:31, Neil Toronto wrote:
> I know what *I* want in a math library: statistics (for my research) 
> and basic linear algebra (for `plot'). What do *you* want?
A bit off-topic, but your mentioning of "plot" made me look into its
documentation - which is where I found out about plot/utils.

Now, I'm new to Racket, but this is pretty well-hidden. I'm currently
writing a small 3D (OpenGL) game in Racket and re-implemented basically
every vector function in plot/utils - because I just didn't know about

Having a math module (and possibly moving the vector stuff in "plot"
into it?) will certainly help with those cases of "user too stupid to
find the functionality he needs". :-)

I'm looking forward to it!



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