[racket] syntax-local-value of define-syntax-class

From: Jon Rafkind (rafkind at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 27 15:32:15 EST 2012

Ok but it still doesn't work if I take out the (begin-for-syntax).

(define-syntax-class x)

Now its defined at phase 0. Anyway if I can get the syntax class I can access its attributes (ryan said it was ok).

On 02/27/2012 01:28 PM, Carl Eastlund wrote:
> You've bound x at phase 1, but you're looking up a phase 0 binding here.
> Bug aside, I had no idea there was anything meaningful for external users to do with the values underlying syntax classes.  What does the value let you do?
> Carl Eastlund
> On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 3:21 PM, Jon Rafkind <rafkind at cs.utah.edu <mailto:rafkind at cs.utah.edu>> wrote:
>     I thought syntax-local-value would produce the syntax-class object that a given identifier is bound to but it errors out with 'x is not defined as syntax'. Any ideas why? There is one part of my original code base where this works and another where it doesn't. I cannot seem to replicate the part that works in a small test case.
>     #lang racket
>     (require (for-syntax syntax/parse))
>     (begin-for-syntax
>      (define-syntax-class x))
>     (define-syntax (bar stx)
>      (syntax-case stx ()
>        [(_ name) (syntax-local-value #'name)]))
>     (bar x)

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