[racket] sad user face?

From: SF (sf.rom17 at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Feb 21 18:34:55 EST 2012

If it's fair to compare a woman's situation in a mostly-men field to a
man's situation in a mostly-women field...

Then, mentally putting myself in such a situation, I would probably
feel pretty strange going to a club of more than, say, 5 other people
who were all women and trying to socialize with them, unless they were
already good friends of mine. And I would feel much less strange
reading a book about a subject I was interested in that happened to
have all female characters. In fact, when a book tries to vary gender,
my mind wanders to thoughts of which character is in what role and
whether someone else would think it's sexist or not, which is

If it's NOT fair to make such a comparison, however, we're in no
position to speak. Instead, we need to find some of the women we're
trying to entice into computer science and get their input on how much
this matters and what should be done. Then we're not presuming to know
what's right. Which, despite our best efforts, might just be

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