[racket] plot3d & canvas question

From: Nikolaus Klepp (office at klepp.biz)
Date: Tue Feb 7 17:55:08 EST 2012

Am Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012 schrieb Neil Toronto:
> The relevant code is in "<racket-dir>/collects/plot/common/gui.rkt",
> specifically the `make-snip-frame' function.
> The basic idea is to make a canvas containing a single read-only-text%
> that is initially writable, insert the snip (which you get from
> `plot-snip' or `plot3d-snip'), and then set the text to read-only. If
> you want to change the plot, set the text writable, delete the snip,
> insert the new one, and set it read-only again.


Ok, that worked quite straight forward, thank you.

Now my next problem is how to change the size of the sniplet...

> If you don't mind my asking, what are you plotting in your gui?
It's a visualisation of time series of 2D density distribution. Basicly it 
looks like a lot of slices through a trunc :-)


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