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From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Feb 2 12:28:40 EST 2012

Two days ago, Ivanyi Peter wrote:
> Is it only me? But I am getting almost all e-mails from the DrRacket
> mailing from:
> users-bounces at racket-lang.org
> and the full e-mail headers.  Any solution for this?

It depends on your email client, but you should usually not see the
`Sender' header.

The full(er) story: Messages are always sent with the original `From'
so you can see who sent it originally, but the list server adds its
own `Sender' which indicates who is actually doing the sending -- and
that's the mailing list server itself, and not the original person.
In addition, mailman uses "-bounce" in the email address so it can
reliably identify bad addresses (since they'll bounce back to that
"-bounce" email).

9 hours ago, Stephen De Gabrielle wrote:
> I'm starting to see them getting past my spam filter too.

That whole thing should not have any effect on spam filters, unless
you've set up your own rules.  (And in that case you're setting them

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