[racket] racket/db - query-rows: connection is permanently locked due to a terminated thread

From: Curtis Dutton (curtdutt at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 2 00:09:30 EST 2012

I'm receiving this error after my webserver is running for a few days.

Hosting a plt webserver on Ubuntu server, I'm using the racket/db library
to access a local postgres database. After a few hundred requests, over a
period of days, I eventually get this error message. "query-rows:
connection is permanently locked due to a terminated thread"

Once this error is generated all calls made to the database then fail, and
continue to fail until I restart the webserver process.

I am using the virtual connection pooling interface as well.

Has anyone seen this yet?

I submitted  bug #12530.

I have not been able to reproduce this manually. It happens after a few
days. I'm willing to instrument or hack at it to help determine the issue
but a little guidance would be very welcome.

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