[racket] rackunit not in textual?

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Thu Aug 30 17:17:36 EDT 2012

J G Cho wrote at 08/30/2012 04:53 PM:
> ... collection not found
> collection: "rackuint"
> in my v5.3 (textual).
> Is it because rackunit relies/depends on some graphics/window?

If it does, I assume that this could be changed, and perhaps should be.  
Having a non-GUI option for running test suites seems to be common practice.

> Is there an alternative?

I have been using Overeasy a lot lately:


Overeasy was originally done as a kind of `position paper' on some 
features I'd like to see in a standard Racket test engine.  There are 
some rough spots in the Overeasy interface that I've found as recently 
as last week, but overall it's done almost everything I've needed (with 
exception of Web testing for which JMeter is better suited).  I also 
intend for Overeasy to provide a migration path to whatever becomes the 
be-all-end-all Racket test engine, once I finish refining the test 
contexts (which is how I rationalize temporarily contributing to the 
fragmentation of Racket test engines).

BTW, two Overeasy things that turn out to be convenient, but that I 
don't think the documentation for current version mentions: (1) using 
nested "test-section" in loops, to cover different combinations of 
conditions; (2) specifying "#:exn" with a regexp literal rather than a 

Neil V.

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