[racket] keyboard shortcut for jumping between definitions & interactions windows

From: Benjamin Atkin (batkin at us.ibm.com)
Date: Tue Aug 28 16:35:37 EDT 2012

I wanted a way to jump from the interactions window to the definitions
window. First I checked the View menu and then I checked the Keyboard
Shortcuts section in the Dr. Racket manual. I didn't find it in either
place. I did find an undocumented way in the mailing list, which is to use
C-x o, which doesn't work for me. I also found C-d and C-e, which do indeed
get me between the windows, but in the process hide them. I like to have
both showing at the same time so it doesn't quite work for me.

I think the keyboard system and the help system (with search) are great in
general, and this is a glaring omission. How about creating new shortcuts
that go between interactions and definitions and documenting them in the
manual, and maybe even adding them to the menu?

Actually by making the states more complicated, I think it could be added
in a somewhat reasonable way without adding more shortcuts. Right now if
both interactions and definitions are shown, Ctrl+D hides definitions and
Ctrl+E hides interactions, regardless of which is currently focused. Now,
how about if you could only hide the one that is currently focused with
that shortcut? That is, if definitions was focused, Ctrl+D would hide the
definitions, but Ctrl+E wouldn't hide the interactions. Instead, Ctrl+E
would focus the interactions. Then, because the focus was changed to
Interactions, the Interactions could be hidden in this way. To complete
this, the Show Interactions when only the Definitons is shown would need a
slight change of behavior: invoking this would also focus the Interactions

Any thoughts?


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