[racket] Racket blog post: Fully Inlined Merge Sort

From: Neil Toronto (neil.toronto at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 24 17:34:47 EDT 2012

On 08/24/2012 03:22 PM, J. Ian Johnson wrote:
> Very cool.


 > Is anyone else annoyed at the code being cut off in blog posts, even
> though (thankfully) highlighting and copying gives you the valid code?

I am. I'm especially annoyed that it happened in a place that readers 
are most likely to cut and paste. We'll either make a CSS change or I'll 
edit the post.

(Editing the post is tricky, though, because it's generated from a 
Scribble document. And that wouldn't do anything about output in 
examples being cut off.)

> Also, I suggest split-at versus a take followed by a drop for a teensy
 > performance improvement.

Always the critic. :p

Good idea, though. It would also make the code shorter.

Neil ⊥

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