[racket] mysterx-mzlib<->ffi/com

From: heraklea at gmx.de (heraklea at gmx.de)
Date: Wed Aug 15 08:45:22 EDT 2012

Hello friends,

after my upgrade to 5.3 I have an error in this code segment:

(define SRV (com-create-instance "WMOBrws.ServerBrowser"))
(define CurServer (com-invoke SRV "TakeCurrentServer"))
(define SESSION (com-create-instance "Session.Test" CurServer))

in 5.2.1 with misterx I have no problem. After 5.3 installation using the ffi/com I get the following error:

ptr-set!: given value does not fit primitive C type
  C type: _string/utf-16
  given value: #<cpointer>

It dont accept the CurServer variable. Do I have to cast the varibale? When yes how can I achieve this?


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