[racket] MzCOM

From: heraklea at gmx.de (heraklea at gmx.de)
Date: Thu Aug 9 05:17:44 EDT 2012

Hello friends,

I have questions again about MzCom. 

1.: I create an Object in DrRacket from MzCom. Like this:
(require ffi/com)
(define MZCOM (com-create-instance "MzCOM.MzObj"))
(com-invoke MZCOM "eval" "print \"hello\"")

I get this output: "\"hello\""

So far so good.

When I create an Object in C++ and eval the same expression I get a

So when I create some init files with some output in it for preloading it during my load process from my c++ app I get no output. Same occurs when I create objects or so. It might be helpful to get any informational string after creating something like:
(define MZCOM (com-create-instance "MzCOM.MzObj"))
-> "comobject;MzCOM.MzObj;MZCOM" or

(define anyvariable 12)
-> "variable;12;anyvariable "

2.: Is it possible to get all Objects/Functions/variable that I create in the actual scope?

3.: I read somewhere that I can write s-expressions for substituting xml files. Is there any tutorial?

Thanks in advance


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