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From: Ray Racine (ray.racine at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Aug 7 16:33:51 EDT 2012

Nice release guys.

DrRacket is buttery smooth and looks nicer than ever.  Emacs withdrawal
symptoms almost gone when Racket coding.  Though the left hand stills tends
to spontaneously break out into an organ Fugue every now and then.

Need to play with racket/generic and #:methods combined with TR structs:.
 Possibilities abound.

TR support for submodules didn't make it this release?  Hopefully soon.


On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 9:39 AM, Eli Barzilay <eli at barzilay.org> wrote:

> Racket version 5.3 is now available from
>   http://racket-lang.org/
> * Submodules are nested module declarations that can be loaded and
>   run independently from the enclosing module.  For an overview of
>   submodules, see
>     http://blog.racket-lang.org/2012/06/submodules.html
> * The futures visualizer is a graphical profiling tool for parallel
>   programs using futures.  The tool shows a detailed execution
>   timeline depicting the migration of futures between threads, and
>   gives detailed information about each runtime synchronization that
>   occurred during program execution.  In addition, `would-be-future'
>   is a special type of future that always executes sequentially and
>   records all potential barricades a regular future would encounter.
> * Optimization Coach (formerly Performance Report) reports
>   information about Racket's inlining optimizations.  Optimization
>   Coach can be launched in any language through the View menu.
> * The new `images/flomap' library defines floating-point bitmaps and
>   fast image processing operations on them.  It is written in Typed
>   Racket, so Typed Racket code may use it without the cost of
>   contract checks.
> * The new `json' library supports parsing and generating JSON.
>   (Originally based on Dave Herman's planet library.)
> * `racket/string' is extended with a set of simplified string
>   manipulation functions that are more convenient than using
>   regexps.  `regexp-match*' and friends can now be used with new
>   keyword arguments to return specific matched regexp group/s and
>   gaps between matches.
> * The new `racket/generic' library allows generic function
>   definitions, which dispatch to methods added to a structure type
>   via the new `#:methods' keyword.
> * The `class' form supports declaring a method abstract.  An
>   abstract method prevents a class from being instantiated unless it
>   is overridden.
> * The contract library comes with support for interfaces, generics,
>   prompts, continuation-marks, and structs.
> * Most error messages use a new multi-line format that is more
>   consistent with contract errors and accommodates more information.
> * Typed Racket supports function definitions with keyword arguments;
>   the startup time of Typed Racket programs has been sharply
>   reduced.
> * The new `ffi/com' library replaces MysterX; a compatibility
>   `mysterx' library remains, but without ActiveX support.  The new
>   `ffi/unsafe/com' library offers a more primitive and direct way to
>   use COM classes and methods.
> * There is now a very complete completion code for zsh.  It is not
>   included in the distribution though; get it at http://goo.gl/DU8JK
>   (This script and the bash completions will be included in the
>   standard installers in future versions.)
> --- DEPRECATION ----------------------------------------------------
> Effective this release:
>   - The `tex2page' and `combinator-parser' libraries have been moved
>     from the Racket distribution to PLaneT:
>      (require (planet plt/tex2page))
>      (require (planet plt/combinator-parser))
> The following has been deprecated and will be removed in the
> January 2013 release:
>   - the `planet' command-line tool; use `raco planet' instead.
> The following has been deprecated and will be removed in the
> August 2013 release:
>   - the `mzlib/class100' library; use `racket/class' instead.
> Feedback Welcome,
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