[racket] Declaring type of identifier defined which typed/racket exports as untyped.

From: Jens Axel Søgaard (jensaxel at soegaard.net)
Date: Sun Aug 5 14:28:53 EDT 2012

2012/8/5 Sam Tobin-Hochstadt <samth at ccs.neu.edu>:
> First, the real problem is that `integer-sqrt/remainder` should be
> typed; I'll fix that.


> Second, you should use `require/typed` in the interim, with that same type:
>     (require/typed racket [integer-sqrt/remainder (Natural Natural -> Natural)])

This works in my case.

#lang typed/racket
(require/typed typed/racket
               [integer-sqrt/remainder (Natural -> (Values Natural Natural))])

/Jens Axel

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