[racket] Sgl not working

From: Jonathan Nilsson (jonni416 at student.liu.se)
Date: Wed Oct 26 10:46:14 EDT 2011

Hello fellow racketeers!

A few years ago i wrote a basic 3D engine in racket for use in the
classroom at my university and now i wanted to get it to work again.
But now when i try to run it I get the error:
send: target is not an object: #f for method: call-as-current". Which
occurs in the "with-gl-context" function.

Then i tried the gears example from the sgl/examples folder and i got
the same error so i figures that it is a bug.

I am running on ubuntu 11.10 and using racket from svn to get the ui working.

Thanks for any help


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