[racket] possible simple ranking improvement to documentation search

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Thu Oct 27 08:11:56 EDT 2011

In the documentation search ranking, would it be a low-hanging-fruit 
improvement to simply add bonus factors to the most popular manuals, 
like the Guide and Reference?

This is simpler than my early suggestion of using #lang info in ranking.

Combining this with marking up sections on topical keywords like "port" 
seems like it might help.

The reason I ask is that, when I just now searched in Racket 5.1.3 for 
"port", looking for the general documentation for the port abstraction 
in Racket, I got the following:

<<>>Showing 1-20 (3 exact) of 397 matches
Port  provided from typed/racket/base, typed/racket
port  provided from web-server/private/dispatch-server-sig
port  provided from web-server/web-config-sig
&i/o-port  provided from rnrs/io/ports-6
(rnrs io ports (6)): I/O: Ports  in r6rs
:port  provided from srfi/42
Additional Custom-Output Support  in reference
Animation support  in picturing-programs
Attaching Documentation to Exports  in syntax
binary-port?  provided from rnrs/io/ports-6
Bug Reporting  in tools
call-with-bytevector-output-port  provided from rnrs/io/ports-6
call-with-port  provided from rnrs/io/ports-6
call-with-string-output-port  provided from rnrs/io/ports-6
clear-box-input-port (method of text:ports<%>)  provided from framework
clear-input-port (method of text:ports<%>)  provided from framework
clear-output-ports (method of text:ports<%>)  provided from framework
clear-viewport  provided from graphics/graphics
close-input-port  provided from racket/base, racket
close-input-port  provided from r5rs

<<>>[set context]


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