[racket] Graphics Issues in Ubuntu 11.10

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Oct 17 21:46:23 EDT 2011

30 minutes ago, Todd O'Bryan wrote:
> The PPA makes things much nicer. I always have to install on:
>  - my desktop
>  - my laptop
>  - my teacher machine
>  - both servers at school, and
>  - in the client image for the lab machines at school
> so compiling on each system is a bit of a yawn.

There's also our own installers, which are very easy to set up.  It's
true that it won't get added as a known package in the system -- but
OTOH, you can use the usual "whole-directory mode" where the whole
thing is in a single directory.  If some of these machines share your
home directory, and they're all running ubuntu, you can even put the
racket directory in your home directory and cover more than a single

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