[racket] Application and document icons on Windows

From: Erich Rast (erich at snafu.de)
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:45:23 EDT 2011

I have finally found the time to rewrite an old shareware application
entirely in Racket. It works very well and only the Windows version
still needs some polishing.

For OS X and Linux I use a function that modifies a distribution created
from the menu item; it opens the image/unpacks the .tgz, adds a Readme
and on OS X includes a modified plist to set the correct application and
document icons (included via define-runtime-path), and repackages

Now my question is: How do I set the application and document icon on
Windows? I tried the free version of icofx but applying it to the exe on
top of the distribution folder didn't work (the executable didn't launch
any longer). Moreover, how do you set the application document icon and
associate it with a file type/file suffix?

Is there a way to do that in Racket by building the distribution
manually? If not, how else could this be achieved?

Posted on the users mailing list.