[racket] lc with redex

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Tue Oct 11 14:21:46 EDT 2011

To whom it concerns,
A new lambda-calculus-with-redex version is available on my web page:
 <http://www.telefonica.net/web2/koot/> http://www.telefonica.net/web2/koot/
Rodolfo Carvalho has been so kind as to indicate some typos and to convert
my doc file to pdf. Thanks Rodolfo!
Inform me, please, when encountering any problems or errors or when you have
other suggestions.
Kind regards, Jos
- renamed all .ss and .scm files with suffix rkt.
- improvement of the description of alpha congruence such as not to be
confused with equality.
- a more elaborated text on the difference between traversal by depth and by
- some minor and estetical editing on the text and source codes.
- deletion of normal-order-beta-reductor-version-2, because I implemented it
wrongly and it appeared not to be deterministic after all.
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