[racket] CRLF vs LF & windows

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sat Oct 1 19:53:17 EDT 2011

In the past I have encountered some inconsistencies using DrRacket
(DrScheme) programs producing files I could not read back because of the lf
cq lfcr inconsitensy. Since a few months I have not noticed any difficulty.
IIRC this was with checking equality of strings produced by DrRacket with
those in the code itself. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for thinking about
simple Window users like me.

My Suggestion:
Always read cr, lf and crlf as identical, both in code and read data. So
"\n" should match cr, lf and crlf. This may have nasty consequenses for
procedure string-length. Drop cr and lf and make it 'newline', crlf

The best thing, of course, would be microsoft to adapt to more generally
adopted conventions, but they probably can't because of backward

May be at the DrScheme level, we should ignore all control characters,
except newline, encoded as cr, lf or crlf, (the last combination being
counted as one single character, how nasty this may be)

I'll inform you of my experiences with you latest adaptation in this
Thanks, Jos 

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I've pushed a change today in the way that DrRacket handles line
endings under windows. If you are a regular windows user who has the
energy to give the pre-release a try for your usual DrRacketeering for
a week or month or so to share you feedback on this change, that'd be

In old versions, DrRacket would open a file in any style and then save
it using CRLF (under windows; it would always save regular LF files on
other platforms). In the current pre-release, DrRacket checks to see
if every line ends in CRLF in the file and, if so, it saves the file
in CRLF (and puts a little warning in the bottom of the window that it
is in this mode). Otherwise, it saves the file in LF mode. There is a
preference to go back to the old behavior too.

Feedback welcomed.

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