[racket] using planet from embedded application

From: gabor papp (gabor.lists at mndl.hu)
Date: Sun Mar 27 07:27:37 EDT 2011

> Resurrecting this from a month ago, as I'm hitting the same problem. I'm using
> vim-7.3, with racket embedded. I'm trying to use the net-repl library, but am
> hitting the same error that Gabor did.
i ended up downloading the planet module and required the main module 
file instead. i had to download all modules that were required by the 
mysql module also. while doing this i bumped into the same problem:
default-module-name-resolver: the kernel's resolver works only on 
`quote' forms; given: '(lib "planet/resolver.rkt")

i found that racket tries to compile some parts of the module which 
fails from embedded applications. i used the compiled module parts from 
the racket cache, and used 'touch' to set their date back to avoid 

i hope this workaround helps you.


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