[racket] please i need your help using DrRacket

From: FIRAS MOHAMMAD NIMER ABU HASAN (fhassan at science.alquds.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 15 12:49:10 EDT 2011

Dear all

how can i edit this code in order to compute the 2 power any number as 
argument for example 2 power 5 = 32:

#lang plai
;; (interp (parse '5)(list (fundef 'null 'n (id 'n))))
;; (interp (parse '{+ 5 5})(list (fundef 'null 'n (id 'n))))
;; (interp (parse '{with {x {+ 5 5}} {+ x x}})(list (fundef 'null 'n 
(id 'n))))
;; (interp (parse '{with {x 5} {+ x x}})(list (fundef 'null 'n (id 'n))))
;; (interp (parse '{with {x {+ 5 5}} {with {y {- x 3}} {+ y y}}})(list 
(fundef 'null 'n (id 'n))))
;; (interp (parse '{with {x 5} {with {y {- x 3}} {+ y y}}}) (list 
(fundef 'null 'n (id 'n))))
;; (interp (parse '{with {x 5} {+ x {with {x 3} 10}}})(list (fundef 'null 'n 
(id 'n))) )
;; (interp (parse '{with {x 5} {+ x {with {x 3} x}}})(list (fundef 'null 'n 
(id 'n))))
;; (interp (parse '{with {x 5} {+ x {with {y 3} x}}})(list (fundef 'null 'n 
(id 'n))))
;; (interp (parse '{with {x 5} {with {y x} y}})(list (fundef 'null 'n 
(id 'n))))
;; (interp (parse '{with {x 5} {with {x x} x}})(list (fundef 'null 'n 
(id 'n))))
(define-type F1WAE
   [num (n number?)]
   [add (lhs F1WAE?)(rhs F1WAE?)]
   [mul (lhs F1WAE?)(rhs F1WAE?)]
   [with (name symbol?) (named-expr F1WAE?) (body F1WAE?)]
   [id (name symbol?)]
   [app (fun-name symbol?) (arg F1WAE?)]

 (define-type FunDef
   [fundef (fun-name symbol?)
           (arg-name symbol?)
           (body F1WAE?)])
 ;; newest form of parse, with apply added in.
 (define parse
   (lambda (sexp)
    [(number? sexp) (num sexp)]
    [(symbol? sexp) (id sexp)]
    [(list? sexp)
     (case (first sexp)
       [(+)(add (parse (second sexp))
                (parse (third sexp)))]
       [(*) (mul (parse (second sexp))
                 (parse (third sexp)))]
       [(with) (with (first (second sexp))
                     (parse (second (second sexp)))
                     (parse (third sexp)))]
       [else (app (first sexp)
                   (parse (second sexp)))]
 ;; interp: F1WAE listof(fundef) -> number
 ;; evaluates F1WAE expressions by reducing them to their corresponding 
 (define interp
   (lambda (expr fundefs)
     (type-case F1WAE expr
                [num (n) n]
                [add (l r) (+ (interp l fundefs) (interp r fundefs))]
                [mul (l r) (* (interp l fundefs) (interp r fundefs))]
                [with (bound-id named-expr bound-body)
                      (interp (subst bound-body
                                   (num (interp named-expr fundefs)))
                [id (v) (error 'interp "Free identifier")]
                [app (fun-name arg-expr)
                     (local ([define the-fun-def (lookup-fundef fun-name 
                            (interp (subst (fundef-body the-fun-def)
                                           (fundef-arg-name the-fun-def)
                                           (num (interp arg-expr fundefs)))
 ;; helper functions
 (define lookup-fundef
   (lambda (fun-name fundefs)
       [(empty? fundefs)
        (error 'lookup-fundef "Function does not exist")]
       [else (if (symbol=? fun-name (fundef-fun-name (first fundefs)))
                 (first fundefs)
                 (lookup-fundef fun-name (rest fundefs)))])))
 (define subst
   (lambda (expr sub-id val)
     (type-case F1WAE expr
                [num (n) expr]
                [add (l r) (add (subst l sub-id val)
                                (subst r sub-id val))]
                [mul (l r) (mul(subst l sub-id val)
                                (subst r sub-id val))]
                [with (bound-id named-expr bound-body)
                      (if (symbol=? bound-id sub-id)
                          (with bound-id
                                (subst named-expr sub-id val)
                          (with bound-id
                                (subst named-expr sub-id val) ;; added to 
take care of scope
                                (subst bound-body sub-id val)))]
                [id (v)(if (symbol=? v sub-id) val expr)]
                [app (fun-name arg-expr)
                     (app fun-name (subst arg-expr sub-id val))])))
 ;; test
 (interp (parse '{double 5})
         (list (fundef 'double   'n  
                       (add (id 'n) (id 'n))          

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