[racket] Liitin screencast tutorial

From: Jukka Tuominen (jukka.tuominen at finndesign.fi)
Date: Sat Mar 5 13:08:34 EST 2011

Since our experties is in industrial design and user interface design, we
never dreamed of creating a new operating system or a computer language from
scratch. Scheme seemed like a much better approach. Especially the
simplicity and dynamic evaluation were important.

If you know Scheme, then the cap to _use_ Liitin objects is very small, and
to create new ones is not that big either? You tell me! If you don't know
Scheme it is propably one of the easiest to learn, I guess.

Eventhough Liitin now provides specialized dialogs to create and run Liitin
objects, eventially these operations should be integrated transparently to
conventional program interfaces. E.g.taking a phote stores it automatically
to a photogallery, or you would create and access data from a datasheet
program as today. Hopefully the programs themselves were Liitin objects as
well (so that they don't stop working or disappear and modification were
easy and updates instant...).

I love the smell of utopia in this discussion :)

br, jukka

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> My first thought was that it was a bit like MUMPS with its global
> variables (where global means global among processes and users,
> not just global in scope). It seems to me that persistence is the
> right way to do that. The versioning reminds me a bit of WebDAV,
> or even VMS.
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> > Nice work -- good luck keeping it going!
> >
> > Gerernter's system, which Matthias referred to, is called
> > "Lifestreams".  It's a very inspiring vision.
> >
> > But Dave's pointer is also apropos.  Xanadu was perhaps guilty of
> > architecture astronautry, but the claims behind such systems may well
> > require that.
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> > Shriram
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