[racket] tests/eli-tester feedback (Was: Racket unit testing)

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Mar 4 14:28:29 EST 2011

All of this is a pretty accurate description of what my tester is

9 hours ago, Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> Regarding the latter alternative, I had in mind a simple model,
> closer to Racket language model, in which there is a *test run
> context*, represented as a Racket language parameter.  Evaluating a
> "check" form results i its test being executed, and it then simply
> calls back to code in the test run context to report the result of
> the test.
> Contexts can be nested hierarchically.  By default, a "check" form,
> when there's no context (such as is the default when evaluating from
> the REPL as a one-liner) will use an effectivve one-off context to
> report the result.  A "test-suite" form, which creates its own
> context, if there is no parent context, will report the results of
> each test, along with a scorecard.  A context that does have a
> parent will report its results up to the parent.
> Generally, each "test-suite" would get its own file, and could be
> run by itself, for unit testing while working on a module, or it
> could be run inside the dynamic context of a parent "test-suite",
> such as when testing all the module in a subsystem with one
> hierarchically-nested report.
> Since information about results of each individual test is always
> propagated to the topmost context, running the tests from a GUI tool
> simply means establishing a test run context for the GUI before the
> topmost "test-suite" form is evaluated.
> This alternative with dynamic contexts seems to me to be somewhat
> easier to work with than RackUnit's data structures approach.  What
> are the advantages of the RackUnit approach?
> This question is important to me because, if the unified foundation
> for building test suites has a model similar to that of RackUnit,
> I'm not sure that's the desired model.

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