[racket] My PLT->Racket porting experience

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 2 22:29:19 EST 2011

On Mar 2, 2011, at 9:53 PM, Drew Hess wrote:

> The good news is that I do have a working version of my modified
> Bootstrap teachpack for Racket, now -- for Windows, at least. The Mac
> version is still broken because of the play-sound bug.

Thanks for your extensive feedback. 

As you probably know, Emmanuel produces the Bootstrap teachpack 
and has little or no support from the core group. So in addition 
to doing his PhD, he is creating this teachpack and maintaining it. 
I am sure he will find your debugging session useful for future 
Bootstrap sessions. Thanks on his behalf. 

Some of the problems are due to the core product: 

 -- I will say that even though I use drracket on a near-daily 
    basis on the mac, I have never found the problem with the 
    dialogues that you describe. 

 -- The playsound bug sounds weird, and it seems to suggest a 
    missing unit test. 

 -- The change in speed is also noted. Matthew replaced many 
    100,000s of C++ code with Racket code and bindings to 
    external libraries. I am sure that future releases will 
    speed up drrackets interaction speed. 

And from the 'tone' of your message, I am sure you understand
that v5 is a major change/step from v4. 

So thanks again. Could you do us a favor and submit future
bugs via the drracket bug report system? -- Matthias

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