[racket] standard-fish mouth-open keyword argument not working

From: Stephen Smith (stephen.smith at xrayyankeezulu.com)
Date: Sun Jul 24 13:57:34 EDT 2011

(Oops, repost as I used the wrong email address the first time)

Hello everyone,

Just started to play with Racket and while trying out the slideshow 
library I can't seem to get the standard-fish to open its mouth?

This is what I'm typing in the interactions area:

(standard-fish 80 40 #:direction 'right #:color "red" #:eye-color 
"yellow" #:open-mouth #t)

I get a nice big red fish, but regardless of what the open-mouth keyword 
argument is, the fish's mouth is always closed.  I've tried #t, #f, 0, 
1, 0.5 - none of which seem to have any effect.

Has anyone else experienced this?  I've browsed through pict.rkt but 
can't seem to determine the problem.

Using Racket 5.1.1 on Windows XP.


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