[racket] Cross-compilation

From: Mark Carter (mcturra2000 at yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Thu Jul 21 14:38:21 EDT 2011

> I created a very basic exe with racket 32bit on windows 7 (64bit) and
> it ran fine on winxp.
> I used raco exe and not raco distribute though. Also, I'm not sure
> what it means to have gracket as a base. Which option is that? Mark,
> can you provide some more details about what you are trying to
> compile?

OK. Here's the code to my main module:

#lang racket
;#lang racket/gui

(require racket/gui)

;(rename-in srfi/48 (format some-other-name))
; [13:31] <DT``> or (except-out racket/base format)
(require (rename-in srfi/48 (format format48)))

(require carali/misc)

(require fiqua/about)

; Make a frame by instantiating the frame% class
(define my-frame (new frame% [label "Fiqua - Financial Quant"]))

;;; menu
(define menu-bar (new menu-bar% [parent my-frame]))
(define main-menu (new menu% [label "Main Menu"] [parent menu-bar]))
(define help-menu (new menu% [label "Help"] [parent menu-bar]))
(define menu-about (new menu-item% [label "About"] [parent help-menu] 
                        [callback (lambda (i e) (show-about-box my-frame))]))

;;; input parameters

(define (make-param the-label cb)
  (let ((hp (new horizontal-pane% [parent my-frame])))
    (new message% [label the-label] [parent hp] [min-width 100])
    (new text-field% [parent hp] [label ""] [min-width 100] [callback cb]))

(define-simple-syntax (make-callback var)
  (lambda (i e)
    (set! var (catch-errors #f (string->number (send i get-value))))))

(define-simple-syntax (def-param var label)
  (define var #f)
  (make-param label (make-callback var)))

;(define ta (make-param "Total Assets"))
(def-param rev "Revenue")
(def-param ebit "EBIT")
(def-param ca "Current Assets")
(def-param ta "Total Assets")
(def-param cl "Current Liabilities")
(def-param tl "Total Liabilities")
;(def-param wc "Working Capital")
(def-param re "Accumulated retained earnings")
(def-param mc "Market Cap")
(define zones (new message% [parent my-frame] [label "z <1.1 = Danger . z>2.6 = Healthy. Grey otherwise"]))
(define z-text (new message% [parent my-frame] [label "z-score: ??"] [min-width 200]))

(define (wc) (- ca cl))

(define (calculate-z fld ev)
  (define z-score (catch-errors "Invalid Input"
                              (let* ((x1 (/ (wc) ta))
                                     (x2 (/ re ta))
                                     (x3 (/ ebit ta))
                                     (x4 (/ mc tl))
                                     (z (+ (* 6.56 x1) (* 3.26 x2) (* 6.72 x3) (* 1.05 x4))))
                                (format48 "~4,1F" z))))  
  (set! z-score (format48 "z-score: ~a" z-score))
  (send z-text set-label z-score))

;;; calculate button
(define my-button (new button% [parent my-frame]
                       [label "Calculate"]
                       ; Callback procedure for a button click:
                       (callback calculate-z)))

; Show the frame by calling its show method
(send my-frame show #t)

There's some other files involved. I open it in DrRacket. 
1. Select menu item Racket > Create Executable
2. Browse for a (zip) filename on my desktop, which is not where my source is
3. Select Type: Distribution (to install on other machines)
4. Select Base: GRacket
5. Click button Create

A zip file is created for the application. I can unzip it, and run the executable therein. Everthying works fine on Win 7, where it was compiled. If I try to run it on XP SP1, I get:
fiqua.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point DecodePointer could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

Other people report problems with trying to run it on their XP machines. Vista too.

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