[racket] help: how to make eval see local bindings?

From: maurizio.giorda (maurizio.giorda at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 12 09:36:06 EDT 2011

Hi Matthias,

... I will play with your example (it is better than all the words I 
spent with my looong
> Here is what I meant:
> #lang racket
> (define-syntax-rule
>   (mm x)
>   (lambda (w) (displayln `(,x)) (+ w x)))
Ok, fine!
> (define f
>   (let ([a 10])
>     (mm a)))
> (f 42)
Let me define my function in a inner scope:

 > (let ((othervar 2)
           (f (mm (+ 1 othervar))))
 >  (f 1)

it should print 4 but it gives the undefined identifier error.
If I define "othervar" globally (top env) it works (of course!).

 > (define othervar 2)
 >  (let ((f (mm (+ 1 othervar))))
         (f 1)
it prints 4.

If you ask me why I need to call "mm" with an expression, instead of a 
value... like: (mm (+ 1 othervar))
The answer is: my macro "replace" is a constructor of a function... I 
would like that this
function could reference external variables (not passed by parameters): 
if the reference
extern variable is defined (in the current scope) its value is used, 
otherwise the function
must give the "undefined identifier error".
The function I refer to is a "chemical reaction function": it applies to 
chemical molecules
(the macro parameters) but it can use reference to external variables to 
fire or not the
reaction. Example

(replace x y by x if (> x top)) -> #<procedure>

says: replace any pair of two molecules (x and y) with only one of them if
the value of the first is not greater than "top".



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