[racket] Uninstalling Racket

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Feb 15 05:42:20 EST 2011

"--prefix /usr/local/racket-5.1" (for example) has been working great 
for my clients and me for years, and I hope that it continues to work in 
exactly the same way.

Note that originally I started building from source because the 
distribution ".deb" or ".rpm" build didn't include the CGC binaries on 
which one of my clients depends.  Now that we've been building from 
source, the "--prefix" has been handy for letting us have multiple 
versions installed, and for having them follow a consistent naming 
convention (with less chance for user error in having the correct 
version number in the pathname, since we're never manually moving the 
tree around nor manually renaming it).

That said, I think that most people building from source are probably 
doing it because they're a Racket core developer or they're playing with 
the latest from Git.  Not because they need CGC and also have a highly 
controlled production environment that is strict about version numbers.  
So I defer to Eli on what's the best way for most people to install from 


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