[racket] Racket workshop for users still being considered?

From: Scott Hickey (jscotthickey at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Feb 1 11:09:39 EST 2011

Back November, there was post about opening up the Racket workshop to
users, not just committers. Are there plans to go forward with this?

I am asking because I just saw that "GR8 in the US" and "Strange Loop"
conference organizers just announed their dates for June and
Septemeber respectively. As I prioritize my conference money and
schedule for the year, it'd be great to know if I should be factoring
into my plans a Racket workshop.

I know conferences/workshops are time consuming and hard to pull off,
and plans may not be finalized. Anything you can share will be
appreciated, thanks.

Scott Hickey

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