[racket] Thoughts on Overeasy

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Aug 27 17:21:24 EDT 2011

Some quick notes:

Generally good. Certainly cuts down on some of the crap that Rackunit
/ Schemeunit requires while being more comprehensible than eli-tester.


I think the keyword argument method is a mistake. It seems you'd have
to do a lot of checking in the test macro to make sure the user
doesn't specify non-sensical parameters. E.g. if I specify #:exn and
#:val what happens? How about,

 (test value-expr match-expr)

value-expr is the expression under test, as currently.

The test macro grabs whatever values value-expr produces, along with
the output to current-output and current-error, and any exceptions and
passes these values to

match-expr, which is a predicate that produces a boolean value given
the above information

There can be a shorthand for common cases. If match-expr evaluates to
a literal then just check value-expr's value is equal? to that
literal. For more existing cases one can write a little DSL based on


Since test must be a macro, it should capture location and report that
when a test fails.


"No special forms for setup and tear-down are required, nor are they
provided."  I believe a test library should provide these conveniences
around dynamic-wind.


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